Summarizing the content of your page

Meta description is a brief extract of about 150-160 characters summarizing the content of a page. Search engines show the meta description in search results usually, hence optimizing the meta description is of utter importance too for an on- page SEO.

The motto of a Meta description of a page is to get traffic when someone searches on Google. They are used to promote click- through from search engines.

Although search engines say that a Meta description does not help you get a better position as they do not consider it in their ranking algorithm. There is an indirect advantage as Google uses the click-through rate (CTR) technique to judge if your site is a good result or not. We can attract more visitors to our site by providing with an attractive description of our page.

Increase the number of clicks on your site

This can be done by using the services of SEO which works on different aspects to get you desired results. With SEO you can mold your Meta description in a way that will increase the number of clicks on your link and Google will consider you a good result and will start moving you up in the search results. Some of the factors used by SEO in obtaining a suitable matter for Meta Description are

Containing the primary keyword: The keywords must be stuffed in a way that the description becomes more relevant and clear. SEO takes care of this fact and warns for the relevancy of the text.

Unique and attractive: The content for the Meta description is checked for any redundancy with other site’s data by SEO. Besides this, your content must be attractive enough to increase the number of visitors.

Accurate length: Meta description should not exceed a particular limit of words. The usual length for Meta description is approximately 155 words.

SEO works for these aspects in an efficient way to provide you with an optimized Meta description.

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